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One of my favorite recent projects as a faith-based book editor

As a faith-based book editor, I work with every type of Christian literature, from Biblical texts to fiction novels to Christian apologetics to true-life stories.

Some projects are more technical than others, and it’s exciting to watch an author break down complex topics into bite-sized morsels. This is exactly the case in Through Daniel’s Eyes by Bill Herman, a biblical scholar and PhD.

Challenges of an Author and Faith-Based Book Editor

This was not an easy book to write or edit. Daniel’s story arc spans ninety-plus years of danger, risk, and faithfulness, impacting the Jewish nation and gentiles alike. Put into context, Daniel’s teen adventures and challenges throughout his adult life read like a thriller, considering the forces he encountered. The political intrigue, national and international unrest, wars, and the battle for values resonates as much today as it did back then.

Daniel’s prophetic wisdom was amazingly and undeniably confirmed in those early days, and has implications for the future. Thanks to Dr. Herman, many misconceptions of what those prophecies meant have been corrected through his book. He did so with tender loving care, always mindful of the reader. After all, most readers are very likely laypeople who are interested in expanding their knowledge of Old Testament prophecy.

Yes, this was an intense book editing project. The author says it best:

“Approaching the completion of my final manuscript draft I began searching for someone to review and apply the final polish. I considered my work (non-fiction Biblical and historical commentary) perhaps something from which a typical editor might shy away. An author and friend living close by pointed me to Melanie and she was a perfect match. Melanie jumped right in with feedback, questions, suggestions, and encouragement. The effort felt as though Melanie and I had been working together on the same team for years.”

Is it any wonder Daniel is now one of my favorite men of courage within the thirty-nine books in the Old Testament? I remember posting on Facebook after the book published: “I must say that editing this book has changed my life!”

Through Daniel’s Eyes is available on Amazon. Check it out!

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