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Of course you do! Everyone can benefit from helpful writing tips, whether you’re an emerging author or veteran novelist! Get expert advice from a book editor, ghostwriter, blogger and content developer with decades of experience. I’ve worked with many authors, many genres and many publications, and became an gatherer of tips, myself! I love sharing information and welcome your comments. I’ll keep adding nuggets of wisdom to help clients and potential clients well into the future. Perhaps you’d like to share some, yourself! These writing tips are inspired by questions from the authors who trust me with their manuscripts, as well as the magazine assignments I chase. Got questions? Ask me and I’ll do my best to answer.

Writing About Special Olympics in Honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Writing about Special Olympics: They Brought Home Bronze! Wow! This interview was such an uplifting experience, and I can’t believe it’s been six years since the article below was published in The Woodlands Lifestyles & Homes magazine! In honor of […]

News Release, Media Release and Press Release Writer

Defining a “Release” First, everyone has heard of a press release, which is usually written for traditional media outlets like newspapers. On the other hand, news releases generally target digital news-sharing platforms, including online newspapers. With the advent of the […]

Book Editor Interviews: Eight Movies

Book Editor Interviews I’m a book editor. I’m a journalist. And sometimes these two careers intersect in interesting ways! It inspired me to roll out what I call my “book editor interviews” with highly recognizable movie talent. For instance, I […]

Texas Journalist — I’m In Love With A Church Girl

  I’m a book editor and Texas journalist…let’s just say I love a good story. Pastor and Executive Producer Galley Molina certainly has one! His movie, I’m in Love with a Church Girl, is loosely based on his life experiences […]

Live For Today: Houston Book Editing and a Post Production Feature Film

  This post is about one of my favorite Houston book editing adventures. Ever. Imagine a book editing project in the middle of a feature film… in post production! As a book editor, this was a new one for me! Author […]

Heaven is For Real: Book and Movie Interviews

  Well, let’s begin by bracing ourselves for an extremely lengthy post. I’m pondering the intersection of book editing and films, inspired by my interviews with author Todd Burpo. His book Heaven is For Real came out in 2010, followed […]