Question: What is ghostwriting?
Answer: Ghostwriters write books that are officially credited to you — the official author. Therefore, ghostwriting involves “writing for hire” by an anonymous consultant. And that consultant is me!

Let’s collaborate. I can ghostwrite your book!

You. Me. Ghostwriting.

Why is ghostwriting such an important option for authors? Many aspiring authors have amazing stories to share, but lack a writing or editing background. Some give up a lifelong dream of publishing their story simply because they can’t write it. That’s where I come in.

I ghost write novels, memoirs, biographies, self-help books and thrillers under your name. You get the writing credit. It’s your book written in your voice. I am simply your assistant, scribe, guide and partner—a ghostwriting consultant.

Ghostwriting is Personal

As a professional ghostwriter, I take your concept and turn it into to a book. I am experienced, extremely collaborative, and understand what this project means to you. That’s why I pour my heart and soul into your storyline.

Ghostwriting is an extremely personal undertaking and can involve any genre. Perhaps you have a memoir or biography that honors a loved one and is just waiting to be written. Perhaps you want to tell your family’s story, the world’s greatest love story, or a white-knuckle adventure like no other. You may want to publish self-help, fitness, or relationship advice. Maybe your passion involves sci-fi, dystopian, fantasy, or a paranormal tale. Perhaps you have a charming story filled with fascinating and quirky characters that would perfect for a series of books. And there can never be too many first-hand accounts of military service or careers spent in harm’s way. My job is to take your concept and develop it into a full manuscript.


Stuck? Hit a wall? I can help you writing your book!

Ghostwriting Process

Perhaps you need help jump-starting the process. Don’t worry — we can Skype, email and talk on the phone. I can transcribe tapes and also work from your notes and documents you mail me through UPS or Fed Ex. You may need me to research history or timelines. You may need me to research the backstory, and I excel at gathering details.

My job is to sort through material, develop a story arc, and write the story. Then I write each chapter and share it with you for feedback. Together we build the book until it’s ready to launch. I can also write your front matter, back matter, author’s bio, back cover content, chapter titles or even the book title.

Ghostwriting and Credit

It may surprise you, but the truth is that many books are ghost written. But no one is supposed to know. The whole point of hiring a ghostwriter is to make sure your story is written in your voice.

Celebrities hire ghostwriters, but so do others who want their story told in the best possible manner. My ghostwriting clients span a wide demographic and include moms, dads and grandparents with heartfelt and important stories to share with the world. Single, married, or divorced. Sassy and young. Older and wiser. Some have struggled, climbed metaphoric mountains, and endured profound loss.

  • Generally, I ghostwrite your book for a fee and you retain all rights. In these instances I’m credited only as the editor.
  • I quote prices after consulting with the author and determining the degree of difficulty, desired length of manuscript, and estimated time frame.
  • Some authors may prefer that I be credited as a co-author.
  • Every once in a while a book concept is so extraordinary that I believe it has potential for further ventures. In these instances I may negotiate a percentage of sales, first right of refusal on prequels, sequels and series, and/or first right of refusal to write the screenplay.

Why I Ghostwrite


Ghostwriting by Melanie Saxton

I’m often asked why I ghostwrite for others.  The answer it simple — I ghostwrite because there is a need. I can help. My profession just happens to be writing, and my specialty is editing, and together these skill sets enable me to help people fulfill a dream.

Once someone commented, “But you do all the work and the author gets all the glory.” I was quick to correct that notion, for it’s simply not true. My clients also work throughout the ghostwriting process by helping to gather the information I need to write the book. Of course, I do a great deal of research as well, but the author provides the concept. I also email chapters to the author as they are written, and the author provides feedback. This back-and-forth occurs until the book is ready for publication, and it takes months of effort.

The bottom line is that I ghostwrite because I want books to be written that otherwise would never be published, and have built quite a portfolio along the way!

Bringing Your Story to Life

Some people have wanted to write a book their whole lives, but never managed to accomplish the feat before it was too late. If only they had trusted a ghostwriter with their story! Their unique and wonderful narrative could have been preserved for posterity, especially with the help of a ghostwriter.

It’s a tragedy when wonderful snippets of history are lost forever. The world is poorer for not having eye-witness accounts, imaginative scenarios and powerful anecdotes playing out on bookshelves and Amazon! These stories matter—your story matters. Let’s write it!

What an incredible feeling when a manuscript is ready to launch—a unique and never-before-told story for other to enjoy, study and even cite. Click here to see an article on the topic.

Doesn’t it make sense to have a professional ghostwriter develop your book? Contact me and let’s make it happen!

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