A surge in editing assignments keeps me focused primarily on the literary front. Books, magazine and media assignments are my forte. Although I occasionally provide editing services to businesses, I generally recommend qualified editors for your business and technical writing needs. I am selective when referring you, my valued business clients, to others. We endorse copy editors who share our philosophy and have a proven track record. They must be collaborative. They must be ethical. They must be discreet on social forums.

I assist authors, publications, and businesses in several ways:


  • Problems I correct: misspellings, typos, grammatical errors, usage and style, tense, subject-verb agreement, hyphenation, mislabeling, awkward transitions and consistency.
  • You may need assistance with content including concept, flow, pacing, and layout. This involves developmental editing, line editing and copy-editing. I can tighten up your prose, rewrite your copy, and edit for length and completeness.
  • I respect your style and voice. My editing simply elevates your writing by removing errors which distract readers.
  • I provide pre-launch readiness which prepares your novel for publication.
  • You may also need help with fact-checking and guarding against plagiarism or libel.


I write novels and biographies under your name. You retain all rights. I am not referenced, except, perhaps, for an editing credit.


I collaborate with and recommend SuburbanBuzz, a company that takes your book to the next level.

  • Book cover design
  • Formatting for Nook, Kindle, iPad, Smashwords
  • Createspace and Amazon page
  • Website or landing page with social media and “buy now” links.
  • Book trailers, audio teasers, audio books
  • Marketing, book signings, book tours, blog tours, social media administration, press releases
  • Business cards, posters, book marks, marketing swag


Check out the Published Articles section for samples of my recent interviews and reports. I accept editorial assignments and often help coordinate photo shoots.


An interesting and informative website is one key to a successful business. From medical to real estate, I can transform the way your present your good and services to your target audience. My background as an online editor is extremely helpful.


Need your website or web copy optimized for the search engines? I am a trained SEO content writer.

Submit Your Leads: Do you have an interesting or unique story to tell? Do you or your client want to be featured in an article? Pitch it to me. I’ll see if the idea appeals to local publishers or media outlets who are always looking for interesting editorial. There is no cost for this service. Understand that I get the paid assignment and byline for successful queries. No promises are made that a publisher might bite . . . but isn’t it worth a try?

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