Let’s Get Started!

Telling your story . . .

Many emerging authors have amazing stories to share, but lack a writing or editing background. That’s where I come in.

Many have terrific story ideas and choose to hire a professional to make their book come alive. I can transcribe notes and tapes and lay out the table of contents, preface, chapters, epilogue, indices and references. Perhaps you need help jump-starting the process. I provide as little or as much assistance as needed.

An extra set of eyes . . .

From concept to publishing, authors need that extra set of eyes. I make sure we cover the basics — misspellings, typos, grammatical errors, usage and style, tense, subject-verb agreement, hyphenation, mislabeling, awkward transitions and consistency . . . and don’t forget flow, pacing, and layout! This may involve substantive editing, developmental editing, or simply proofreading. Tightening up your prose, rewriting your copy, and editing for length and completeness is also important. Pre-launch readiness is crucial, and I can help with publication, as well (scroll below). Your readers deserve a excellent book.

Collaborative Writing

Every once in a while, lightning strikes. Your project or story may be universally compelling and appeal to mass audiences. If I sense your book project is of this caliber, I will collaborate with you, write it with you, and take a secondary credit on the book cover and publisher’s pages. This type of book is of interest to the top publishers or second-tier publishers. This type of book is a candidate for film and documentaries. This type of book generates royalties for us both. I will help you market it, pitch it to literary agents, and get it in front of a publishing house. I will also help you promote it in the marketplace.

Ghost Writing

I also write novels, memoirs and biographies under your name. You retain all rights. The glory is all yours I am not referenced in any manner, although most authors give me an editor’s credit.

Note: In truth, all books need edited. This goes for a book I ghost write for you. The manuscript will be precisely what you envision, but I recommend you have it professionally proofed. Why? Because I become very “close” to the books I write (as myopic as any author). Just as a surgeon should not operate on himself, I should not be editing my “own” books written on your behalf. I can recommend excellent proofreaders who will attend to minor details that may be overlooked. I might add that I have my own personal books nearly written, and you can be sure I will hire a proofreader (or editor) before they become published.

To date I have ghost written four books and look forward to writing yours!

Doesn’t it make sense to have an editor look over your work? A professional can help bring your manuscript to life.

Melanie Saxton / melanie@melaniesaxtonmedia.com