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I offer book editing and ghost writing services for authors of all genres.

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    It takes courage and perseverance to complete a manuscript. Perhaps you have great ideas but aren’t sure how to develop them. Maybe you’ve hit a wall. I can help! I work with emerging authors, as well as new writers, struggling writers and even non-writers.  Together we’ll create your masterpiece.

    I’m a professional book editor and ghostwriter with years of experience. From fiction to nonfiction, I help authors with novels, biographies, historical books, devotionals and more. Scroll down to the slider below and see a sampling of clients who have trusted me with their manuscripts and became published authors in the process. I’m proud to share these book editing and ghost writing projects and promote their work. You can view their feedback here —these wonderful testimonials mean everything to me!

    “Editors we recommend: Melanie Saxton is a professional, widely published writer and editor specializing in book editing and ghost-writing assignments.” ~ Gorham Printing, Centralia, WA
    “Melanie’s book editing skills are phenomenal. My clients love her!” ~  SuburbanBuzz Publishing, Houston, TX

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    Please feel free to check out my book editing and ghost writing services, and also see how and why I became a became a book editor and ghostwriter in the first place! I’m happy to answer your questions.

    Doesn’t it make sense to have a book editor look over your work? And if you have a story to tell but aren’t sure how to write it, a professional ghostwriter can help bring your manuscript to life.

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